Corumbau Bahia



Corumbau is a village in the county of Prado, located approximately 50 km north of the town of Prado.
The beaches are of a rare beauty, protected by an extensive necklace of reefs and with calm, crystal clear waters.
Corumbau has a tourism infrastructure with hotels, resorts, restaurants and beach bars.
Access to Corumbau is via a dirt road leaving the village of Guarani, which is about 12 km of Itamaraju.
There is a regular bus service from the city of Itamaraju.

The Beaches of Corumbau:

Wonderful blend of calm and transparent water, white sand, coconut trees and rich vegetation. With hotels, inns and beach bars. Going north there is the mouth of the river Corumbau with mangroves and a freshwater bathing opportunity.

Gold colored and fine sand, calm waves and transparent water. In many places deserted, with a few inns and beach bars along the coast. Access by a dirt road from the village Guarani which is about 10km from Itamaraju. From Itamaraju there is a regular bus service to the village Corumbau.

Deserted, with coconut trees and fine sand, without Infrastructure.