The Beaches of Prado:

Wonderful blend of calm and transparent water, white sand, coconut trees and rich vegetation. With hotels, inns and beach bars. Going north there is the mouth of the river Corumbau with mangroves and a freshwater bathing opportunity.

Gold colored and fine sand, calm waves and transparent water. In many places deserted, with a few inns and beach bars along the coast. Access by a dirt road from the village Guarani which is about 10km from Itamaraju. From Itamaraju there is a regular bus service to the village Corumbau.

Deserted, with coconut trees and fine sand, without Infrastructure.

At the mouth of the river Caí, forming a beautiful natural pool. Coconut trees, cliffs, fine sand and calm dominate the beach. With a well equipped beach bar.

Deserted with calm seas and some cliffs. Access via a dirt road or the neighboring beaches.

Deserted, a calm sea and some cliffs. At the beach, the mouth of the river Imbassuaba forms a natural pool which gives a good opportunity to freshwater bathing.

Calm sea, with coconut trees and some cliffs, without any infrastructure.

North of the village Cumuruxatiba, calm sea, dense vegetation and some hotels.

Beach of Cumuruxatiba, with numerous beach bars, restaurants and shops. Shallow waters, ideal for inexperienced swimmers.

Shallow waters with cliffs.

Impressive high cliff which offers fantastic views. Mineral dark sand, calm waves, access via a narrow path.

Coconut trees, cliffs, rivers and streams form the beach. Good swimming opportunity in fresh and salt water. With a beach bar.

Almost deserted with cliffs and the river Riacho the Ostras.

A small waterfall right on the beach, calm waves, offshore reefs and a beach bar.

Cut by a stream, with some cliffs and fine sand. With beach bars and a hotel.

Cliffs dominate the picture, practically deserted and without infrastructure.

With coconut trees and fine sand, a beach bar, a hotel and a campsite. Just 5km from the town of Prado.

With a lagoon, coconut trees and rustic beach bars.

Located 1.5 km from the center of Prado, with some hotels and beach bars.

Urban with the largest number of hotels and beach bars in Prado, sea a bit rough, especially during the winter only for experienced swimmers.

Situated on the southern end of the city center, beautiful coconut trees lining the beach.

Beach between the river Jucuruçu and the Atlantic, almost deserted, about 1km from the center of Prado going south the estuary. In the extreme south shallower waters and dunes.

Beach of the resort Guaratiba, a gated community. With various hotels and beach bars, open to visitors, 10km from Prado.