Caravelas Bahia Whale Coast




Caravelas lies on the Whale Coast, neighbor counties are: Alcobaça, Ibirapuã, Lajedão, Medeiros Neto, Nova Viçosa and Teixeira de Freitas.
Características geográficas: 22 mil habitantes. Área total: 2361 km².
The climate is tropical humid, average temperatures range between 23° C and 30° C in summer and 18° C and 26° C in winter.
The city of Caravelas is the main portal of embarkation for the Abrolhos Islands. The Abrolhos Archipelago is excellent for diving and snorkelling, the crystal clear waters and reefs are home to a huge diversity of marine fauna. Being a National Park, access to the five islands is restricted, the rock formations of the islands have a great variety of seabirds. The Reefs of Abrolhos and Timbebas are part of the National Park and are highly sought after by tourists.
Between July and November, the coastline of the Whale Coast is a great natural spectacle scenario - when humpback whales visit the warm and calm waters for reproduction.
Humpback whales, up to 18 meters long, stand out from other species by curiosity and impressive figures, sometimes leaping with such strong impulses that the whole body is out of the water. This gave them the nickname "acrobat whales."
Several companies offer boat tours for whale watching, visiting the reefs and the Abrolhos Islands.
Access to Caravelas is by the BR-101 until Teixeira de Freitas, there you take the BA-290 to the intersection with the BA-001 that goes to the Caravelas. Another option is taking the BR-101, BR-418 and BA-001. There are regional airports in Caravelas and Teixeira de Freitas. The nearest international airport is in Porto Seguro, which is 290 km away.

The beaches of Caravelas:

Deserted, with coconut trees and white sand.

Good for swimming, the waters are murky because of Rio Caravelas. At the entrance there is a statue of Yemanja.

There is a fishing village, a hotel and beach bars. Access via the village of Barra de Caravelas.

Well frequented, good for swimming at high tide.

Isolated, situated on a small island in front of Grauçá beach with white sand and clear waters. Access by boat from the beach of Grauçá or the pier of Ponte Grande.

Urban, at the mouth of the Rio Caravelas.

Deserted and with small waves, fine sand and coconut trees. 1 hour by boat from Caravelas.

With clear waters and white sand. Beautiful vegetation with coconut trees and fruit trees. 1.5 hours by boat from Caravelas.