Nova Viçosa Bahia Whale Coast



Nova Viçosa

Nova Viçosa lies on the Whale Coast, neighbor counties are: Caravelas, Mucuri and Ibirapuã. Population: 36000. Total area: 1326 sq km.
The climate is tropical humid, average temperatures range between 22° C and 31° C in summer and 17° C and 27° C in winter.
The town of Nova Viçosa is one of the main gates to the Abrolhos Islands, Nova Viçosa and Caravelas are the counties closest to Abrolhos.
With extensive coastline and beautiful beaches within easy reach, the city is very popular with tourists in the summer. The small Island Coroa Vermelha, located less than 20 km from Nova Viçosa, is another tourist spot.
Formed by coral reefs, the island has natural pools and a rich marine fauna and flora, the island is very good for snorkeling. Another tourist attraction is the island of Barra Velha with its exuberant nature formed by mangroves, salt marshes and the atlantic forest, the island is across the city separated by the Rio Peruípe.
Between July and November, the coastline of the Whale Coast is a great natural spectacle scenario - when humpback whales visit the warm and calm waters for reproduction.
Humpback whales, up to 18 meters long, stand out from other species by curiosity and impressive figures, sometimes leaping with such strong impulses that the whole body is out of the water. This gave them the nickname "acrobat whales."
Several companies offer boat tours for whale watching, visiting the reefs and the Abrolhos Islands.
Access to Nova Viçosa is by the BR-101, BA-698 e BA-001.
There are regional airports in Teixeira de Freitas and Caravelas. The nearest international airport is in Porto Seguro, which is 310 km away.

The beaches of Nova Viçosa:

Located on the island of Cassumba. Extensive and semi-desert. Access is by boat from the harbor of Nova Viçosa.

Located at the mouth of the Rio Peruípe, opposite the island of Cassumba.

Busy and calm sea, with beautiful vegetation.

The most popular beach especially in the summer due to some events.

Urban with calm sea.

Quiet and with low waves, good for hiking.

Extensive, with some vegetation and coconut trees, with some infrastructure.